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Taxi from Odessa to Kherson

Dear visitors of Kherson.

The majority of people, who need to reach Kherson from abroad, come in Odessa airport first. It is the best way to travel to Kherson. Odessa International airport is the closest airport to Kherson and also it is a big and modern airport. After your landing in Odessa, Ukraine, you will need find the way to continue your travel to Kherson. And the best way is a taxi.

If you need to reach Kherson comfortably and fast - our service of taxi from Odessa to Kherson will do its best in order to make your arrival in Kherson comfortable and you will reach Kherson quickly. If you need to be met in airport or at the railway station or any place of Ukraine - our driver will meet you in the international Odessa airport or in Odessa railway station with a tablet with your name – so you will find each other easily. He will help you to bring your luggage to a taxi. Sometimes airlines could lose your luggage, if have such problems our driver will help you to fill all necessary blanks at the airline office. And after your arrival in Kherson, our service will let to know the necessary information to the service of the airport which delivers the lost luggage. We will be with you and your comfort and good mood will be our priority number one.

Of course, there are a lot of taxi drivers in any airport or railways station, but the majority of them don’t speak English and almost all of them propose too expensive service. You can book a taxi thought this site and be sure, that our prices are fixed and lower than prices of taxi-drivers you will meet in airport or railway station. Our service will profile you with a driver who can speak English.

So, during your travel from Odessa to Kherson, the driver stop on the first your request to buy water, to exchange currency, to take money from a credit card in the nearest bank, to put money on your mobile phone etc. The driver brings you right to your hotel or to the rented apartment in Kherson and helps to lift your heavy luggage.

If you do not know the correct address but only phone of the person who is waiting for you, our driver call this person, find out the address of his location and wait with you for this person if he or she is late. So, you are not alone in a strange city if you are with our driver.

Our clients pay the fixed price for our service and it does not change because weather, time of days and other possible factors. Our drivers do not try to get tip, are always polite and affable. Using our service of a taxi from Odessa to Kherson, our clients feel comfortably and safely. We will do our best in order to make your journey around Ukraine full of positive emotions and you will remember only good and friendly people on your way.

The majority of people in Ukraine doesn’t speak or understand English, so, it is really hard for a foreign person to travel by train or by bus around Ukraine. But our service provides help to foreign travels for several years and we know what you need and also we know how important it is to be with a person who can understand you.

So, you can use a taxi from Odessa to Kherson in order to reach any hotel or apartment in Odessa if you come in Odessa and you can reach any hotel or apartment in Kherson if you come in Odessa, but you need to visit other Ukrainian cities. You will be brought right to your apartment or a hotel if you use our taxi service.

Transportation Distance Price per car Order
   taxi Odessa - Kherson220 km120$Order a taxi
   taxi Kherson - Odessa220 km120$Order a taxi

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